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4.5 mag. California earthquake 3 years ago
Bitch shakin' harder than I get the state of California to. Lmao. What is she? Retarded?
Mini Wiener 3 years ago
Tupac is Alive.
SCP 173 3 years ago
sometimes i feel inadequate in sex... but then i see niggas like this and ive got a new pep in my step lmao
3 years ago
Whats her name
fuck this 3 years ago
Fuck this
Mike 3 years ago
I feel sorry for her brother
Anonymous 3 years ago
Nah they didnt have sex each other that sucks
Kanjar 3 years ago
I need a girl for a sec
sethgilpin 3 years ago
So tangy
Marsh 3 years ago
Il n'y as pas de son ... I don't understand, why?