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uhh 5 years ago
this guy really likes slapping girls, seems kind of lame
Who are the cucks.. 5 years ago
Complaining about slapping? If you ask me they went two easy of these sluts.
Damn! 3 years ago
Hot little whores! Anyone would be lucky to fuck either one of them!
3 years ago
3 years ago
Coulda fucked their pussies a little.
.......... . .. ....... 5 years ago
Don't slap girls you bitch
3 years ago
We are all so much more than this. There is so much love inside each one of us. Sex is far more connecting, intimate and powerful than the hurt shown here. I hope everyone reading this and everyone else has a chance to see how truly beautiful and transcendent sex can be.

I hope that with time, the four people here can begin the see their worth and love themselves in a way they deserve to be loved, and realize there is a whole world of genuine beauty inside them that they can spread.
ann 1 year ago
dame im horny
4 years ago
Why he is so violent?????
Old skool Dad 3 years ago
Thanks for the good example of how to treat a lady. Ill show this to my son. He's a young man now and needs to harden up. The grey area between consent or her having a bad time is where I like to play. Slap, choke and dominate every bitch and see how far you can take it before she says "no".
I dont know about your bedrooms, but no means yes in this house.
They're not made of glass.