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Kevin Joleria 3 years ago
Negroid 7 years ago
I learned today that I can jerk off to a hot girl simply putting on lipstick.
Bilbo T. Baggins 9 years ago
God I love Lexi Lapetina. She is a sex goddess. Been looking at porn for an hour. 2 minutes into this video, done...
jake 8 years ago
I came to early coundnt hold back she's so hot
please watch me cum 8 years ago
I paused at 5:26 and cum from that look on her face close up
lexi slave 8 years ago
I love Lexi too! like watching this while doing my girlfriend in her ass and my girlfriend likes me to
Nummy 7 years ago
I put on panties and lipstick, jacked it this video and savored my cum. It was fucking hot.
pappabear 8 years ago
too fake looking but it worked
Paul Stanley 8 years ago
Looks like the dude from KISS.