Kira Star Lipstick Fetish: Porn online to watch

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Lip gloss addiction 7 years ago
OMG talk about lip gloss addiction....I crave this so much!! The glosses shown at 1:02 and 1:21 are super intense in both color and the gooey way it is put on. Love it. Lip gloss application should be incorporated into every lesbian porn video.
More Lipgloss Fetishes 7 years ago
Please all pretty girls out there would you create and post super sexy lipgloss fetish videos to also include sex with a girl? It would be amazingly sexy to see a pretty teenage girl or adult woman gloss up their lips with the two straddling each other on a bed. Show off the bottles of gloss you have and brush on tons of gloss on each other, then kiss and have totally orgasmic lesbian sex.
Uhg 7 years ago
If there's no dick to spread lipstick on, what's the point
Louis 8 years ago
Ur lios are fkn Rich Mmm Yeaah
Sexy Lip Gloss 7 years ago
Wow that soaking wet shiny pink lip gloss at 1:21 is very sexy and my favorite. So hot!! Lip gloss creamed on thick is amazing.
greg 9 years ago
Very well done!
محمد 3 years ago
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