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Jfg 1 year ago
I don't know why, but there is something that is absolutely fantastic about this. 1st of all, both are pretty, especially the y*ounger one. but also, they both convey the fact that they are really really sexuaholics, and just love pussy. I can watch videos like this all day long.
Willie McPherson 1 year ago
The oldest one is very very sexy sexier than the other girl
In pothead 1 year ago
The oldest is Debbie mullniks Boyd from okema Oklahoma.
The young one is melndw oxford from Ada Oklahoma
RB is currently 59 yo and entered the porn biz in 1992 AND is still active making porn !
A fair bit of her work is available on the web. Search “Rebecca Bardoux+anal creampie+ BBC (or interracial)” to find one famous scene where a BBC shoots a gallon of real (not fake) cock vomit up her ass and she then just lets it all drip out her ass while she smiles. Try to get the full 36 minute scene because it’s a gem (from the Blacks on Cougars Series of films).
Thank me later.
Joel Koch 1 year ago
I would love to fuck both women both are sexy in there own way.
jdp 1 year ago
2 hott chics
Anonymous 8 months ago
Both women are fucking gorgeous, I would love to fuck the young woman, and have her pussy down on my cock, I'm sure we would be great together at fucking each other, she could teach me new things too. Any one available to fuck and teach me how to fuck in different positions?
Fonz 9 months ago
The young girl is a great actress
Anonymous 8 months ago
Both are very fucking gorgeous,Would live to fuck the young one though, I bet she has a beautiful pussy.
Tom 5 months ago
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